What's the meaning of the cog?

Good day! Welcome, to the new reviews section of our site, in which we will now offer our reviews and opinions on each place we frequent!  I figured it was about time to start doing this because we go to way too many places in Orange County be it 2pint2sday rides, weekend rides or just dinner and beer with friends and family.  

Now, the review system we use will be based on a few simple criteria;

1- Tap selection

2. Bike Friendly

3. Atmosphere

4. Staff

and because we start our rides at 7pm on a Tuesday night...
5. Hours of operation

We will use a cog symbol to indicate our overall satisfaction with the place we visited, cogs go from one cog being worst to four cogs being best.  In the end we hope that most of the places we ride to will be at least four stars, but we know that wont always be the case.  Please feel free to suggest any places you might be interested in us checking out and if you don't see the cog rating you like from your favorite place, well, tell them to step their game up!

Welcome to our new site!  Fixed Gear Beer Crew has plans to fully immerse ourselves into the Orange County Craft Beer scene more so in 2016 than we ever have since we established in 2011.  With a stronger sense of OC Craft Beer pride and intense desire to make North Orange County a premier Craft Beer destination, we plan to continue to highlight greatness and snuff out the flaws of the native beers as well as those who are guests at our local tap houses.

The difference this year is that we're not going to be so nice.  If we don't like something, be it the service, beer, prices or patrons, we'll be the first to let you know.  No one gets a pass this year.  In the past we simply posted pictures with very little commentary; this year will be different.  We have held our tongues for far too long. It's time we let everyone know if some of our local beer is shitty or if the best pint around.  It's time to let people know that the brewery they are going to has great beer but the OC douchebag patrons can sometimes make your beer taste like shit.  We will tell you if Old Orange Brewery was worth the ride or if Anaheim Brewery has finally improved their beer, so stay tuned for all the updates to come.


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Stadtgarten, Fullerton California

Welcome to Orange County Craft Beer via Bikes!

Fixed Gear Beer Crew/ Brown Bag Velo.  

All are welcome!

I really don't know what to say, but this review I will keep short, simple and to the point.  I won't beat around the bush or add fluff to this piece when in comes to describing Stadtgarten in Fullerton.  We had been putting of going to this place for one reason or another, sometimes it had to do with schedule, other times deep down we knew there were just better places to go and we were right.  


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Keep in mind these reviews are not simply predicated on beer, they have a decent beer list and if you are into German and Belgian beers, they got those.  So, the beer was good, but for a German place the food, not so much.  I had a Antelope sausage with grilled onions and sauerkraut and it was BURNT! How you going to burn a sausage at a sausage spot?  The sauerkraut had no bite and the bun was, well, from Smart and Final?  Was it bike friendly, well they have a large courtyard where you can bring you bike, do they want them there.  I don't think so.  I think it is safe to say that we know places that welcome bikes and those that just tolerate them.  This place tolerates them.  

The young lady that was helping us was nice, she seemed on her job, the cooks on the other hand, cooking the sausage on what looked like an inch of char, no good.  The atmosphere was pretty laid back for a German beer joint, there is a coffee shop connecting the courtyard  which seemed to dominate the feel of the place.  It was like we were trying to drink beer and eat sausage in a local coffee house, kind of strange.  They are open on Tuesday, thats half a cog right there, the other half a cog goes to the beer list.  But that's it, that's all I got.  Would we go back? I highly doubt it. 

nicht gut.




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