Have you ever heard of the Craft Beer Podium hosted by Fixed Gear Beer Crew/ Brown Bag Velo?  Sure you have, it's the podium where champions hoist craft beer and receive the famous ice bath.  It's the podium every Fixed Gear racer in Southern California wants to stand on.  It's the podium that if you are on it you just won one of the most legit Fixed Gear Races in the state of California.  

The Craft Beer Podium was first made famous at OC Brakeless races in Orange County, Ca. OC Brakeless races are the home of the Craft Beer Podium recently we have been asked to host the podium at races hosted by some of the best cycling organizations in the Southland including GLK Cycling,Rat Pack Racing, Kushtown Society and Mobbin' Monday.  As of this new Fixed Gear race season The Craft Beer Podium introduced Craft Beer Podium Brewing, we have been brewing our own home brew for podium celebrations as well as gifts for the winning athletes and race hots. This unique and one of a kind podium brings together our love for cycling, beer and brewing beer.  The Craft Beer Podium is also the official podium of the So Cal Fixed Series (FUSAC) and hosted the champions podium at the Shortline Crit hosted by Wolfpack Hustle.  

Why the Craft Beer Podium?  People don't come to races for the podium celebration, they come for the race or cheer on their favorite guy or gal.  So why do it?  Why do we take the time, effort and money to put on a "show" at the end of race?  Why are we constantly thinking of ways to improve a podium celebration, after all it's just a podium celebration?  There is no simple answer to any of those questions, as a matter of fact I am always asking myself, why?  The only viable answers I can come up with is we do it for the athletes.  We do it because most of these athletes have a story behind them that warrants such a celebration.  We do it because the organizers take time to host events that give these athletes an avenue to showcase their talents.  We also do it to celebrate local beer.  Our local Craft Beer Community, especially in Orange County, Ca is worthy of the praise and recognition hoisted upon our neighbors to the South.  Although there is no simple answer I suppose our desire to host the Craft Beer Podium come from our love of bikes and craft beer.  Our hopes are to eliminate the word "champagne" from the vocabulary of race organizers and podium celebrations world wide.  As we always say, "Champagne is so last century." 

If you are interested in having the Craft Beer Podium at your event, do not hesitate to contact us.  We will provide you with all the information necessary, we will work with you to ensure every winning athlete is celebrated regardless of age!  Yes, we do provide special non-alcoholic craft beverages for those athletes who are under the age of 21, so don't worry we have your event covered.  

Thank you to all the race organizers, athletes and of course the spectators that come out to support these events.  We hope to see you all at the next race!

Fixed Gear Beer Crew/ Brown Bag Velo

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